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Yokohama Rubber’s Use of Recycled Rubber Powder Earns 3R Promotion Council Chairman’s Award
Tokyo - The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that its Tire Materials Development Department of Tire Global Technical Division received the FY2012 3R Promotion Council Chairman’s Award in recognition of its contributions to 3R promotion. The award is sponsored by the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Promotion Council (3R Promotion Council). Positive use of recycled rubber powder by the Yokohama Rubber Group in Japan and overseas has been highly evaluated. A ceremony will be held on October 30 at the KKR Hotel Tokyo in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. This is the fifth time Yokohama Rubber has received this award: for the Mishima Plant in FY2002, the Mie Plant in FY2003, and the Hamatite Division and the Tire Materials Development Department in FY2007.

As part of its effort to strengthen 3R activities, Yokohama Rubber, led primarily by the Tire Materials Development Department., promotes use of recycled materials, including recycled rubber powder produced by pulverizing waste tires, etc. Most waste tires are used as alternative fuel, burned for heat. Use of recycled rubber powder boosts conservation and the recycling of natural resources.

Conventional recycled rubber powder has large grains, which makes it difficult to mix it with other rubber materials. Yokohama Rubber has established new technology that allows recycled rubber powder to be applied in various compounds, and the mass production of tires incorporating recycled rubber powder was launched in February 2009. As a result, the percentage of use of various recycled rubber in 2012 was 2.2 times higher than in 2008.

Use of recycled rubber powder is increasing at Yokohama Group companies overseas as well. The Yokohama Tire Corporation, Yokohama’s U.S. subsidiary for tire production and sales, asks a recycled rubber powder manufacturer to process trim chip* generated from tire production, and makes use of it for tire production. Yokohama Rubber’s tire production and sales subsidiaries in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam promote use of recycled rubber powder in the production of tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses and more. The Yokohama Rubber Group will affirmatively seek to use recycled rubber powder at overseas locations when new production facilities are established or production is increased.

* Trim chip is rubber scrap generated in the vulcanization process of tire production; the surface of the tires is trimmed after vulcanization.

The 3R Promotion Council is the successor to the Recycle Promotion Council established in 1991. The name was changed in 2002. Calling for establishment of a recycling-oriented society through cooperation among the administration, consumers, industries and more, the organization annually recognizes those contributing to 3R promotion, including individuals, groups and establishments exhibiting outstanding performance in 3R activities.