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Yokohama Tires Fitted as Original Equipment on New Hybrid "Prius a"
Tokyo - The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that it has begun delivery of its premium comfort tire ADVAN dB as original equipment (OE) for Toyota Motor Corporation’s new hybrid car the "Prius " (name in the Japanese market). The tire size is 205/60R16 92V. Vehicles fitted with the ADVAN dB went on sale on May 13, 2011.

Developed as a quiet, smooth-riding tire for a new age, the ADVAN dB delivers a high level of quiet ride with the high stability expected of Yokohama’s top brand ADVAN - all with excellent environmental performance. Combined with the proven quiet of the "dB pattern" tread, technologies fostered for ADVAN were fully utilized, realizing impressive driving performance and a high level of comfort. In addition, rolling resistance was reduced, improving fuel efficiency. The fuel-saving performance of the tires for "Prius " has been further improved based on Yokohama Tire’s BluEarth concept of "environmentally, human and socially friendly." The BluEarth concept mark appears on the side of each tire.

Continuing the outstanding fuel efficiency, environmental performance and spirit of innovation brought on by the cutting edge technology of the Prius, the "Prius " has a comfortable interior available allowing multiple seat arrangements, making it unique among hybrid vehicles. Two interior configurations are available: a five-seat, two-row model and a seven-seat, three-row model. All models are ranked first in their class*1 for fuel efficiency at 31.0km/L*2 (10:15 mode) and 26.2km/L*2 (JC08 mode), respectively.

*1: Comparison among compact minivans of the same displacement.
*2: As tested by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
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Basic ADVAN dB (Wheel shown is not original equipment)
"Prius " S