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Yokohama Rubber Donates Admission Fees and Contributions to WWF
Tokyo -The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., today announced that it donated a total of 1,334,850 yen to World Wild Fund for Nature Japan (WWF-J) on September 3 - admission fees (934,000 yen) for a charity music event called "LIVE ecoMOTION" in Shibuya Tokyo on July 26, and contributions (400,850 yen) collected at the event site. It was the second such event, following a similar one last year. The proceeds and contributions will be used by WWF Japan for activities aimed at combating global warming, including reducing CO2 emissions.

"LIVE ecoMOTION" was a "one coin" charity event - 500-yen admission - staged by employees of Yokohama Rubber, under the theme "Let’s enjoy ourselves and think together about eco-friendly activities." This year, agreeing with the objectives of the event, four artists performed without being paid, drawing over 1,800 spectators. About 40 employees of the company worked as volunteers, picking up litter around the hall, staffing the reception desk, seeking and collecting additional monetary contributions, and passing out flower seeds as mementos. In the end, all participants were united around the single thought of putting an end to global warming.

Declaring in its "New Management Plan: Grand Design 100" its determination to assert world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment, the Yokohama Rubber Group has steadily strengthened its environmental activities. Those activities and the member-companies’ environmental attitude in general are referred to as "ecoMOTION". While the companies work to make their businesses more environmentally friendly, they also support environment-related social activities.
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Mr.Tatsunari Kojima, Director and Senior Managing Corporate Officer (right), presents the donation to Mr. Takamasa Higuchi, WWF-Japan Director General (left).
Details of the environmental activities of the Yokohama Rubber Group are introduced on its English website